Toronto Malls and Shopping Centers: 10Best Mall Reviews

Business magazines claim that the shopping mall is dying a slow ugly death. As people get accustomed to shopping in their pyjamas with a glass of wine in hand, a trip to the mall can seem like a plebeian undertaking.

Shopping malls won’t go down without a fight, however, and for the present moment, there are a ton of malls and centres that are more than happy to take your plastic, your cash or your soul if it comes down to it.

Canadians still have an affinity for retail establishments, because they allow us to be in society without being outdoors during the colder winter months. Toronto has some terrific shopping options. There are plenty of malls offering convenience and a good selection of brand name products, such as the bright and airy Toronto Eaton Centre. However, shopping in person does not require being inside, as trendy neighbourhoods like West Queen West demonstrate, with row after row of quirky, one-of-a-kind stores. (Getting flexible with the term “mall” is what makes this list so special.)

Supporting local businesses is big in Toronto and you’ll find plenty of eclectic boutiques, funky vintage shops and antique stores sprinkled throughout the city. Whether you’re shopping in a particular neighbourhood market or a sprawling mall, these top ten places will be happy to relieve you of your heavy wallet.

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