Christmas Shopping: Shopping in Toronto

It begins with the festive holiday drinks. Then, the first snowfall of the year. Soon you are humming Christmas carols and eating cookies for breakfast. It’s that time of year again!

Unfortunately, Christmas is not all fun and games. It also requires that you find both the finances and the time to prove your love for your family and friends. Love doesn’t cost a thing, we hear, but Christmas sure as heck does.

Before you start swearing like Will Farrell in the movie Elf (“son of a nutcracker!”) we have some ideas to soothe your harried soul. We can’t help you with the finances (although we do hear that Santa is looking for helpers), but we can help you to narrow down the selection of where you should go to get those stocking stuffers.

Some are pretty easy to figure out, as they have the word “Christmas” in their titles. The Toronto Christmas Market and The One-Of-A-Kind Christmas Show could be your one-stop shops. From cashmere scarves to painted IPhone cases, you will have enough time left to chug some mulled wine and get on Santa’s lap (at least, you thought it was Santa).

We have ideas for the men in your life, the wee ones and the person who has everything (but for some reason, not an ounce of gratitude). Shop merry and keep the smile on your face all the way until the 26th.

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