Best Toronto Lunch Restaurants: Top 10Best Restaurant Reviews

Let’s bring the lunch back.

For too many years, we have been neglecting this meal, eating it hurriedly in front of a computer screen. We are spending far too little time indulging our epicurious side; our inner gourmands. We are spending far too little time slowing down.

Lunch in Toronto doesn’t have to come at a high price point. From a bowl of steaming hot noodles concocted by superstar chef David Chang at Momofuku to a vegetarian food done right at Planta, we have you covered. We have the burgers slathered in cheese, and the pizza slathered in…cheese. We have the spots where you can sit and linger, or the perfect places to grab and go and get on with your day. That fresh air will do you good either way.

From downtown Toronto to Roncesvalles, our picks transverse the city. It is hard to run a restaurant in Toronto and keep the customers interested. The ones that “make it” have inventive chefs, fresh food and an energy that never wanes. 

Whether you are solidifying a business deal or gossiping over illicit lunchtime drinks is your prerogative. Just step away from the desk, already. Right now you must tend to your stomach. That work will wait for you to return.

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